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An invisible enemy

The blue light

We spend on average about 8 hours a day between computers, tablets and smartphones , for professional reasons or for leisure, and another 2 hours, on average, in front of the television.

This prolonged exposure of your eyes to digital devices , combined with constantly switching from one screen to another at close range, puts constant stress on your vision.

Eyewear with Hemmet® B+™ lenses are specifically designed to relieve these strains
prolonged exposure and protect your precious eyes from the new invisible "enemy" of your visual well-being: blue light.



Hemmet® B+™ lenses have a high filtering of Blue Light up to 420 nm. Absorption is guaranteed by special coatings in the mass of the material on several levels which also guarantee a vision with maximum transparency and contrast.

Hemmet® B+™ lenses are suitable for anyone who wants to protect their eyesight while using electronic devices, available in both clear and prescription.


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