Founded in pure Hemmet® style, it wants to overturn what the world of optics represents for the consumer. Our mission is clear: to reduce the distance between the world of optics and the final consumer.

No more brokerage costs . As manufacturers of eyewear and lenses, we are able to have direct control over the entire production chain and this allows us to dictate our own rules on the product and to distribute it at the prices we want.

H|Optical™ represents the result of years of research in the optical field to offer a new and overwhelming shopping experience. Buying from us means believing in our vision. Getting out of stereotyping and homologation. It is believing that there is something beyond the like, shedding light on what differentiates us all.

We have created something that excites us and each of you represents a piece of the mosaic that makes this real. IT'S NOT AN OPTICAL ILLUSION. NOW YOU CAN BELIEVE YOUR EYES.

From the laboratory

H|Optical™ lenses

Made in Italy in our H|Optical™ laboratory
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Since 2016 we have been creating products to enhance your personality.
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