Lenses made by
Italian craftsmen

100% Made in italy

H|Optical™ prescription lenses

Made in Italy , H|Optical™ prescription lenses are obtained with the most innovative technologies and digitally optimized to ensure superior sharpness and visual acuity.

We eliminate intermediaries in order to guarantee the best price you can see.

Best quality/price

Monofocal lenses

Made of organic CR39, the Single Vision Lenses represent the best choice for the Quality/Price ratio for most vision corrections.

Super light and with our treatments included: Anti-reflection, Anti-scratch and Oleophobic at no extra cost.

Anti blue light

Hemmet® B+™ lenses

We live totally surrounded by screens, spending an average of almost eight hours a day in front of digital devices.

Hemmet B+™ lenses filter 100% of electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum between 390 and 455 nm.


Transitions™ lenses

Transitions™ lenses are different from regular sun lenses. They are photochromic and dynamic, changing in sunlight .

Their versatility makes them suitable for indoors, with completely clear lenses, and for outdoors thanks to their dynamic sun tints. They also block dangerous UV rays and filter out harmful blue light from the sun and digital devices.

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