Graduated Glasses
in 3 steps


How does it work

We have set up an intuitive guided experience for purchasing your new Hemmet® prescription eyewear.

After selecting the frame, click on the "Order it with prescription lenses" button to access H|Optical™.
Choose the type of lenses between: Single vision lenses and Progressive lenses.
Then indicate your eye prescription manually or upload it as a file and choose the treatment that best suits your needs. Finally, select the desired thickness by indicating the index for your prescription lenses.

Made in Italy in our laboratory

Customized Graduated Lenses

With H|Optical™, you have the ability to create custom prescription lenses, designed specifically for your vision needs. Our cutting-edge technology combines with expert craftsmanship to bring you lenses that let you see clearly and in style.

Stylish and accessible prescription eyewear

H|Optical™ is much more than our optical laboratory, it represents the technical and stylistic evolution resulting from years of research in the field of eyewear and in the specialization in the production of prescription lenses to offer a completely new and overwhelming online shopping experience.

Hemmet® has always created glasses with an iconic style that will revolutionize your style. Make a bold fashion statement and join the Family.

Frequent questions

Hemmet® has its own internal laboratory and therefore does not rely on third parties for optical processing.

This step guarantees an affordable price for the customer compared to traditional optics and allows us to have direct control over the quality and the entire production chain based on the visual needs of each customer.

Made in Italy, H|Optical™ prescription lenses are obtained with the most innovative technologies and digitally optimized to ensure superior sharpness and visual acuity.

Our lenses are made of organic CR39 and have the Anti-Reflection coating and the Anti-Scratch treatment always included.

For more information, see our H|Optical™ Lenses page.

Once your order has been placed, we will immediately process the processing of the prescription glasses in our laboratories according to the specifications you described and the processing time varies according to the processing required to make the lenses.

● For standard processes: ± 4 diopters, approximately 48 working hours from purchase.
● For construction work: Dioptres over ± 12, approximately 72 working hours from purchase. In case of complex processing (progressive lenses with strong correction) the production time can be extended.

You can contact an operator at any time to find out the progress of your order in our laboratory.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 30 days with the H|Optical™ extended return (from the day you received the product) to return it for free and receive a refund of the amount incurred, excluding costs relating to any optical processing.

Glasses with prescription lenses are made to measure and represent unique pieces according to the specific needs expressed by the consumer, for this reason we cannot reimburse the processing costs as indicated pursuant to and by effect of art. 55 legislative decree 06.09.2005 n.206, the right of withdrawal is not applicable to customized goods (Art. 55.) For more information, please consult the page relating to the H|Optical™ Returns Policy .

H|Optical™ is our Hemmet® optical laboratory and represents the result of years of research in the optical field to offer a completely new and overwhelming online shopping experience.

H|Optical™ is now available directly on for a complete shopping experience.

H|Optical™'s mission is clear: to reduce the distance between the world of optics and the final consumer, eliminating all intermediation costs. Find out more about H|Optical™.

All our models are made in one size. Find the infographic with all the measurements expressed in millimeters in each product sheet.

What our customers say


Graduating the glasses using the Hemmet optical service was quick and convenient. In addition to the advantage of doing everything online, I saved more than double compared to a traditional lens.

Michele R.

Ordering my glasses with just a few clicks was fast, convenient and effective.

Andrew D.

I wear progressive lenses and every time I have to redo them it costs me a fortune from my optician. With H|Optical I finally pay less than half and with the same Made in Italy quality.

Frances A.

Excellent product, good value for money, easy to use site and very fast shipping!

Alessio M.

My eyes don't get tired anymore now that I'm wearing my new Hemmet B+ blue light treatment glasses. I work more serenely and I no longer suffer from excessive tiredness and swollen eyes after work.

Martha E.

I requested a quote and placed the order the same day. Received in 3 days, graduated.

Richard M.


Request a free, no-obligation consultation for the creation of your eyeglasses according to your specific visual needs. Thanks to our direct production in our H|Optical™ laboratory we are able to guarantee you savings that are more than double compared to traditional optics .

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