FILTER 100%*

*in the harmful radiation spectrum between 390 and 455 nm.
An invisible enemy

The blue light

We spend on average about 8 hours a day between computers, tablets and smartphones , for professional reasons or for leisure, and another 2 hours, on average, in front of the television.

This prolonged exposure of your eyes to digital devices , combined with constantly switching from one screen to another at close range, puts constant stress on your vision.

Eyewear with Hemmet® B+™ lenses are specifically designed to relieve these strains
prolonged exposure and protect your precious eyes from the new invisible "enemy" of your visual well-being: blue light.



Hemmet® B+™ lenses have a high filtering of Blue Light up to 420 nm. Absorption is guaranteed by special coatings in the mass of the material on several levels which also guarantee a vision with maximum transparency and contrast.

Hemmet® B+™ lenses are suitable for anyone who wants to protect their eyesight while using electronic devices, available in both clear and prescription.

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    WHY B+?

    After spending an average of 8 hours a day in front of a screen, we are exposed to blue light for many hours, causing eye strain, retinal damage, ocular degeneration. Hemmet® B+™ glasses help cancel out blue light, preventing fatigue and visual stress, reducing brightness for more comfortable vision and providing better contrast to see more natural colors.

    Frequent questions

    Hemmet® Blue Light Blocking Glasses protect against harmful Blue Light emitted by all electronic devices and UV radiation caused by intense sunlight.

    The best time to wear our Hemmet® B+™ eyewear is when you are about to spend an extended period in front of a screen, both day and night. For example, if you use your screen for 7 or 8 hours during your workday. On the other hand, since our eyes are not designed to be exposed to bright lights when they are in a dark space, blue light blocking glasses have been shown to counteract glare and help the user fall asleep more easily.

    Yes, the Hemmet® B+™ lenses in our blue light blocking glasses have a slight amber tint that is barely noticeable and does not affect color perception. To block blue light, your lenses must have this tint.

    The frames with Hemmet® B+™ lenses feature non-graduated neutral filters that do not alter the visual properties in any way and are suitable for anyone who wants to protect their eyes and not aggravate their eye health in the time spent in front of electronic screens.

    Sure, you can graduate our glasses in 3 simple steps thanks to our Hemmet® Optical™ service by clicking on the ORDER WITH GRADUATED LENSES button on the sheet of each Hemmet® B+™ eyewear.

    If you need help you can contact us in Live Chat or on the Contact Us page.

    Of course, thanks to our removable and interchangeable Clip-ons you can always give a new look to your glasses and make them suitable both inside and outside the home.

    Blue light from screens makes you blind

    A scientific study has identified the correlation between macular degeneration and exposure to smartphones and PCs.

    Blue light from screens accelerates aging

    Prolonged exposure to blue wavelengths emanating from computer monitors, tablets, smartphones and televisions damages brain cells, eyes and skin.

    Digital visual stress

    In these two years of pandemic and overexposure to devices we have all suffered a bit. A state of eyestrain that affects eye health.