Request a free, no-obligation consultation for the creation of your eyeglasses according to your specific visual needs. Thanks to our direct production in our H|Optical™ laboratory we are able to guarantee you savings that are more than double compared to traditional optics .

The perfect choice

Our advice is not only related to the most suitable eyewear model for a given face shape or complexion (the so-called "face fitting"), but also to the person's style and bearing, their look and their personality.

From a technical point of view, we also offer different solutions depending on the intended use, aware that every situation requires a particular eyewear: driving, work, leisure, sport, holidays.

Lenses that are right for you

Made in Italy in our laboratory, H|Optical™ prescription lenses are obtained with the most innovative technologies and digitally optimized to ensure superior sharpness and visual acuity.

Our lenses are made of organic CR39 and have the Anti-Reflection coating and the Anti-Scratch treatment always included .

Each of us is different and has different vision needs. Together we will find out which is the most suitable product for you among the different technologies.

Our goal in this regard, in absolute compliance with the prescription, is to know how to recommend the best one
technical solution, so as to pursue maximum satisfaction, focusing above all on the processing and thickness of the lenses so that they are suitable once inserted in the chosen frame.