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Optical Frames

Hemmet® and H|Optical™ eyeglasses are designed and handcrafted in Italy with the best materials. The frames are made of TR90, Bioacetate or Titanium. Order them with our H|Optical™ prescription lenses for superior quality and savings of up to 50% less than traditional prices in Optics.

Hemmet® Classic

The Hemmet® Classic collection was launched in 2016 as the first Hemmet® eyewear collection. With a vintage inspiration, this collection has redefined the concept of timeless design. Each frame has been carefully designed to reinterpret vintage style in a distinctive and unique way. The result is a design that captures the essence of the past, but with a modern, contemporary twist. The Hemmet® Classic collection represents timeless elegance and sophistication, offering eyewear that stands out for its quality and distinctive design.

The America collection was born with the launch of the H|Optical™ line by Hemmet®. These eyeglasses are handcrafted with cellulose acetate and metal and are inspired by the vintage shapes of 70s glasses, made famous by American cinema.

Friezes, hinges, thicknesses, folds, every detail is in vintage style, every color is a clever ingredient for a timeless style.

Hemmet® x Allydress™

Hemmet® redefines its vintage design on the occasion of the collaboration with Allydress™: aesthetic shapes with a strong and decisive style are embellished with chrome accessories, giving value and solidity to each pair of glasses.

Full and empty is the central theme of the collection which, thanks to plays of transparency, turns its gaze towards the future with nostalgic attachment to the past.

The eyeglasses from the Bold collection by H|Optical™ are handmade using a single sheet of thickened cellulose acetate.

This feature distinguishes the collection by expressing a bold style in each model, born from the selection of the best Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate sheets, resulting in a full and three-dimensional design.

The HINFINITE™ titanium eyeglasses collection is born from the fusion between the artisanal excellence of Italian masters and our uncompromising vision; selecting the best materials found in nature to create a limited series of unique glasses, which challenge the conventions of accessible luxury.

Each HINFINITE™ frame has a structure made of pure titanium, which guarantees unparalleled strength and lightness.

Each piece is handcrafted by our expert Italian artisans, ensuring a superior level of manufacturing that stands out from conventional industrial processes.