Clip-on S2 Polarized

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Upgrade your Hemmet® Sunglasses in an instant or always give it a new look by interchanging our Clip-ons.

The Clip-on Hemmet® Series 2 are made of super flexible and resistant steel alloy and mount Polarized lenses for superior protection from the sun's rays.

    Lens color

    • Shipped in 1 working day
    • Model Code: HCS2
    • Material: Steel
    • Production: In series
    • Lenses: UV400 Cat.3 Polarized
    • Grip: Hook
      The rubber pads that cover the Clip-on hooks are used to adhere perfectly to the frame without damaging it, they must not be removed.
    • Compatibility: Vintage Raider , Vintage Heritage , Eclectic

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    Polarized lenses

    Hemmet® polarized lenses are designed with advanced technology to reduce glare and improve visual clarity.

    This means that you can enjoy clear vision free from the discomfort caused by strong sunlight, allowing you to fully appreciate everything you want to see.

    In addition, they also offer outstanding protection from harmful UV rays. Absorb at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays, providing a reliable barrier against sun damage

    Premium pencil case

    Crafted from high-quality materials, the Hemmet® pencil case is made from vegan leather, which offers a perfect combination of sophisticated aesthetics and an ecological footprint, guaranteeing equal durability compared to traditional leather, but without the use of materials from animals.

    The Hemmet® case is carefully designed to ensure optimal protection for your glasses. The durable and padded construction ensures that the glasses are safe from scratches, bumps or any kind of damage during transport.