Perché la distanza interpupillare è fondamentale per ottenere occhiali graduati perfetti: guida alla misurazione e all'acquisto online

Why interpupillary distance is essential for perfect prescription eyewear: a guide to measuring and buying online

The interpupillary distance, or DIP, is a crucial measurement for choosing prescription eyewear that fits your face perfectly. This measurement represents the distance between your two pupils, which is important for ensuring that eyeglass lenses are aligned correctly with your eyes. Proper alignment ensures clear and comfortable vision, as well as avoiding discomfort such as headaches or eye discomfort.

To measure your pupillary distance, you can use a simple ruler or ruler. Place the ruler on your nose, with the scale facing your eyes, and measure the distance between the two furthest points of your pupils. The measurement obtained will be your interpupillary distance.

Knowing your DIP is especially important when buying prescription eyewear online, as you don't have the ability to try on styles and verify that they fit your face correctly as the prescription lenses will be cut specifically to your size.

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