Protect your Hemmet®

H|Care™ insurance covers all risks to which eyeglasses are exposed during the insurance coverage period such as breakage, even accidental, partial or total damage and/or any damage to the frame and prescription lenses.

Furthermore, the free Standard Warranty that covers your product against any lack of conformity extends to 3 years.

How H|Care™ works

The insurance covers all risks to which eyeglasses are exposed during the period of insurance coverage such as breakage, damage, theft, loss and as expressly indicated in point 1. With the exclusion of the damages indicated in point 2.

1. Insurance coverage
Thanks to H|Care™, you are entitled to receive the following services on :

1.1 Total damage
This is a "total damage" when one or both lenses and/or the frame needs to be replaced. In the event of "total damage" you will receive, by way of compensation, a new frame or one or two lenses or a pair of glasses of the same type up to the maximum insured amount (see 5.3). You will be responsible for a deductible of €10 for the frame and €7.50 for each lens (€25 for the complete pair of glasses). The deductible applies to single vision and multifocal lenses.

1.2 Damage
In case of "damage" your glasses will be repaired in a workmanlike manner. In the event that the repair costs exceed the production cost, you will receive a new pair of glasses as in the case of "total damage", with the application of the relative deductibles (see 1.3).

1.3 Maximum insured amount
€100 for the frame, €75 for each lens.

2. Note
Damage covered by accident insurance or liability insurance is not insured. Furthermore, the insurance does not apply to damage caused by wear and tear following normal use of eyeglasses.

3. General information in the event of damage
If there is any damage, please notify customer service immediately. After settlement of a "total loss", the insurance cover lapses.

However, it is possible to take out new insurance for newly purchased glasses. Instead, in the event of damage, the insurance continues to apply unchanged according to the terms of H|Care™.

Add H|Care™
to your Graduated Glasses

Additional insurance at a cost of €30 applicable when purchasing with H|Optical™.