H|Optical™: occhiali graduati online in 3 semplici step

H|Optical: online prescription glasses in 3 simple steps with free personalized assistance

H|Optical is Hemmet's online optician that allows you to create prescription eyewear directly from home, in just three simple steps. The first thing to do is enter the prescription, provided by your ophthalmologist, which will allow you to have customized lenses for your visual needs.

The second step is selecting a lens coating, which includes options such as anti-reflection, UV protection and scratch resistance. These treatments are important for improving the quality of vision and ensuring the longevity of the glasses.

Finally, the last step is the choice of the index of the lenses, i.e. the thickness of the same. This option allows for thinner and lighter lenses, ideal for those with high prescriptions.

All this is extremely easy thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly platform of H|Optical. Plus, there's a team of experts ready to offer free, no-obligation advice for any visual need. This means that if you need help choosing the right type of lens or index, you can always contact customer service and get help from a professional.

Once these three simple steps have been completed, you can proceed with the purchase of prescription eyewear directly online. In a few days the glasses will be delivered comfortably to your home, without the need to physically go to an optical store.

In conclusion, Hemmet's H|Optical is an online optician that offers a quick, easy and reliable solution for anyone looking for custom prescription eyewear. Thanks to the easy-to-use platform and free, professional advice, choosing glasses has never been easier. And after the purchase, you can enjoy the clear and comfortable vision offered by H|Optical's custom eyewear.