Acetate + Titanium Gray Blue

Acetate + Titanium Gray Blue

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HINFINITE™ sunglasses are made with cutting-edge technology.
The very light and resistant design, hypoallergenic frame and flexible temples guarantee unrivaled comfort and adaptability to the face.

Titanium and acetate finishes polished by hand and finished with Hemmet® Nano-Plating technology, for an unprecedented range of colours. H|Optical™ lenses with excellent optical performance.

Valley of Cadore

The cradle of eyewear

For over 100 years, glasses have been made in these wonderful areas surrounded by the Eastern Dolomites.

The HINFINITE™ collection is produced entirely by hand, by master craftsmen in Cadore.

Italian craftsmanship


The union between the unparalleled skill of master craftsmen and our vision has given life to a collection unprecedented in our history.

We value Italian artisan labor in order to guarantee a top-quality product far from the industrial process.

Titanium and Beta Titanium

The material par excellence

The collection was born from the selection of the best material available in Nature.

Each HINFINITE™ eyewear is made of high-end aerospace grade Titanium and Beta Titanium.

Titanium is an extremely durable and resistant metal: It is the best choice for making glasses that will last a long time.

The collection combines function and form at an affordable price, challenging the norms of the luxury market.

The characteristics of Titanium

Each eyewear is unique

Limited edition

The collection is made in a strictly limited edition. You will know that each pair of glasses is unique because they are numbered from 1 to 50.

Each pair of glasses will have its own certificate of authenticity which certifies its signature.