H|Care: la protezione definitiva per i tuoi occhiali graduati Hemmet

H|Care: the ultimate protection for your Hemmet prescription glasses

H|Care is Hemmet's first-of-its-kind insurance that provides a complete solution for replacing damaged prescription eyewear, even in the event of accidental damage.

The H|Care policy lasts 3 years and covers any type of damage, from cracks to damage to the lenses, ensuring that your prescription glasses are always safe and ready to be worn at any time. Furthermore, in the event of damage, replacement is quick and easy, without the need to pay any additional costs.

Hemmet is a leader in online eyewear, offering high quality prescription eyewear at affordable prices, with the ability to customize every aspect of your eyewear, from lenses to frames. With H|Optical, Hemmet's innovative online optical solution, it is possible to create prescription glasses quickly and easily, without the need to go to a store.

The combination of H|Care and H|Optical offers customers a complete solution for the care of their prescription eyewear, with the guarantee of a quality product and a reliable and convenient replacement service.

Bottom line, if you're looking for damaged prescription eyewear replacement insurance, H|Care offers an ideal solution, combined with the convenience and convenience of getting prescription eyewear online with H|Optical. Don't wait any longer and discover the perfect solution for the care of your prescription eyewear.