Acetate + Titanium Gray Blue

Acetate + Titanium Gray Blue

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Hemmet® HINFINITE acetate + titanium eyeglasses masterfully combine the best Italian acetate with our exclusive titanium. The expressive look of acetate combines with the versatility and benefits of titanium: completely handcrafted and sculpted for balance and precision, these fashionable glasses feature an innovative unisex design.

Unlike metal glasses, Titanium does not cause allergies and irritations as it does not contain residues of nickel or other heavy metals: these characteristics, in addition to the extremely low weight, ensure exceptional comfort and uncompromising visual well-being.

  • Shipped in 3 working days with neutral lenses or 3-5 working days with prescription lenses

Hemmet® is committed to offering the best prices to its customers without compromising on high quality. Here are the main points that help us achieve this goal:

  • The roots established in the trade of Eyewear and Accessories
  • Internal production
  • Long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers for ethical sources.
  • Advantage of operating online
  • Production Aftersales - Get what you like, not what we have
  • Internal experts
  • No hidden charges

Our pricing policy reflects the aim of maintaining the best price on the market while offering high quality. Hemmet® is proud to stand behind its products, offering an exclusive variety in the designs of the proposed models. Our goal is to keep our prices as low as possible, without compromising the quality of the products.

Hemmet® operates online avoiding many unnecessary costs, while many retailers are forced to pay high operating costs in stores.


  • Roots Established in the Eyewear & Accessories Trade - With a decade's background in the online accessories trade, we know how to manage our costs at all levels.
  • In-house production - Each step in a typical retail model affects the final price of the product. We are the manufacturer, covering all stages involved in the process, from the first touch of pen to paper, until the product is handed over to a courier. By ditching the middlemen, importers, wholesalers and high street shops we are able to bring huge savings to our customers.
  • Long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers - Discovering the best sources for materials and maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers allow us to save on costs necessary for production which results in a reasonable price of the final product. Already established long-term links between reliable sources for the best quality raw materials allow us to offer one of the best prices on the market today.
  • Advantage of online operation - It saves maintenance and occupation costs necessary for a physical store, otherwise reflected in the final price of the products.
  • Out of stock - Get what you want, not what we have - Since we manufacture each order from scratch based on your preference and customization, this results in wiser use of materials and savings in warehousing costs as we do not work with stocks. We are able to offer the best price for the budget you dedicate, as well as offering the possibility of consciously choosing the quality that interests the end customer.

Valley of Cadore

The cradle of eyewear

For over 100 years, glasses have been made in these wonderful areas surrounded by the Eastern Dolomites.

The HINFINITE™ collection is produced entirely by hand, by master craftsmen in Cadore.

Italian craftsmanship


The union between the unparalleled skill of master craftsmen and our vision has given life to a collection unprecedented in our history.

We value Italian artisan labor in order to guarantee a top-quality product far from the industrial process.

Titanium and Beta Titanium

The material par excellence

The collection was born from the selection of the best material available in Nature.

Each HINFINITE™ eyewear is made of high-end aerospace grade Titanium and Beta Titanium.

Titanium is an extremely durable and resistant metal: It is the best choice for making glasses that will last a long time.

The collection combines function and form at an affordable price, challenging the norms of the luxury market.

The characteristics of Titanium

Each eyewear is unique

Limited edition

The collection is made in a strictly limited edition. You will know that each pair of glasses is unique because they are numbered from 1 to 50.

Each pair of glasses will have its own certificate of authenticity which certifies its signature.