Vintage Raider B+

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Protect your eyes from Blue Light emitted by all electronic devices and more.

Extremely light and resistant TR90 frame.
The adjustable nosepads make it capable of adapting to any physiognomy.

The Vintage Raider model was born with the foundation of the brand and is still today the model that best represents the aesthetic canons of Hemmet®.

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    Your eyes will thank you

    The Hemmet® B+™ Blue Light Filter reduces
    drastically burning and tearing eyes.

    Sleep peaceful dreams

    B+™ lenses filter light allowing the
    avoiding harmless radiation passage
    sleep disorders.

    Use devices to the fullest

    Whatever the time of use of yours
    electronic devices, now you will not have any problems.

    An invisible enemy

    The blue light

    We spend on average about 8 hours a day between computers, tablets and smartphones , for professional reasons or for leisure, and another 2 hours, on average, in front of the television.

    This prolonged exposure of your eyes to digital devices , combined with constantly switching from one screen to another at close range, puts constant stress on your vision.

    Glasses with Hemmet® B+ lenses are specifically designed to relieve these strains
    prolonged exposure and protect your precious eyes from the new invisible "enemy" of your visual well-being: blue light.


    THE H|B+™ LENS

    Hemmet B+ lenses have a high filtering of Blue Light up to 420 nm. Absorption is guaranteed by special coatings in the mass of the material on several levels which also guarantee a vision with maximum transparency and contrast.

    Hemmet® B+ lenses are suitable for anyone who wants to protect their eyesight while using electronic devices, available in both clear and prescription.

    The frames with Hemmet® B+™ lenses feature non-graduated neutral filters that do not alter the visual properties in any way and are suitable for anyone who wants to protect their eyes and not aggravate their eye health in the time spent in front of electronic screens.

    It is possible to create Hemmet® B+™ prescription lenses for any of our glasses models.

    To do so, access the All Eyeglasses section, select the desired frame and click on the "CONFIGURE LENSES AND BUY" button inside the chosen product.

    Follow the various steps of our HlOptical™ creation process and select the Hemmet® B+™ additional Anti-Blue Light treatment.

    If you order glasses with neutral Hemmet® B+™ lenses your order will arrive within 24/48 working hours. If you process Graduate lenses with H|B+™ treatment it will take up to 5 working days for your order to be shipped.

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