The Hemmet Wallets Collection Spot


Hello everyone!

Exciting news for this Holiday Season! The Hemmet Team is always thinking about something new to do and this time we've come out with an original spot for our brand! It's almost entirely made in stop motion, with a video only for the last few seconds. 

It was something new for all of us and it was definitely a challenge. We accurately planned the things we needed and then went on a hunt to find them. Then we positioned everything to make them look like a realistic (but cleaner) background, and started the animation.
It was an intense creative process and something totally different from what we're used to do but it's nice to go out your comfort zone sometimes to truly challenge yourself and see what you can do. Team work is the best when everyone has passion and can empower each other with positivity and motivation. 

After hours of work this is what we came out with! Hope you can enjoy it as much as we did :) 



Thank you for your support!


Hemmet Team.

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