SUPERIOR LENSES: The creation of the Hemmet Vintage Raider

The Hemmet Vintage Raider Frames Sunglasses


The key in developing our eyewear collection has always been to consider every art form as source of inspiration and follow our aim for simplicity and elegance in order to create a homogenized collection.
Keeping these criteria in our mind, we undertook a project about something that could be both elegant and practical, something that could be more than a simple pair of glasses and could represent Hemmet® as a brand.

With these ideals we created our flagship model, the “Hemmet® Vintage Raider”.



The light frame and the clip on make our product truly versatile:
it can be used as a regular pair of prescription glasses and as a pair of sunglasses at the same time.
The light frame and the adjustable nose pads make this model ideal for those who need to wear them all day and the clip on with UV400 protection will block every dangerous light rays by protecting your eyes. Moreover, the “Hemmet Vintage Raider” comes in different frames and clip on colors and this makes it an entirely customizable product.

In fact, it is possibile to customize even the arms by choosing between two colors available: silver or gold.
No matter the choice, our model creates the perfect match between the frame and the clip.


"The right balance between being functional with style makes the “Hemmet Vintage Raider” a fashionable and trendy product with a retro vibe emphasized by the engraved motif on the arms, repeated on the bridge with its simple and elegant lines".


The decoration is inspired by the floral motifs and the curvilinear design
of the art nouveau movement that enhance its unique style.






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